The KONNECT™ Office Phone System is a server-less solution for small offices providing business quality handsets with plug-and-play simplicity. The phones are able to easily seamlessly connect across the internet to maintain communication between multiple offices and telecommuters, remote technicians or sales people.

Key Features

  • Voicemail + Voicemail to Email
  • Single Layer Auto Attendant
  • 3-way Conference Calling
  • Music On Hold
  • Distributed Site Operation
  • Blind & Attended transfer
  • Call Paging
  • Group Extensions

Selling Features

The KONNECT Office Phone System brings functionality and productivity together:

  • No Relearning – Simple to use functionality employees are familiar with
  • Multiple Sites – Easy linking of teleworkers and remote locations
  • Fast Installation – Integrates with existing networking infrastructure
  • Quick Changes – Web-based management allows for fast updates/additions
  • Staying Connected – Voicemail-to-email and cell-phone integration

Along with the comprehensive feature-set of KONNECT it also delivers freedom allowing you to:

  • Grow one phone at a time – No costly backend hardware or server
  • Expand up to 30 phones across a single or multiple sites
  • Take advantage of analog phone services that have proven reliability
  • Add Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities to your phone system at your pace



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